I picked this site because Life should not pass–by without having fun. The purpose of this site is to show the world how “Making Life Fun” can happen.The site was created Monday April 29, 2013 and will continue to been updated everyday with new content.

My site shows a fun design style to emphasize the “Making Life Fun” concept.

Don’t sit back and let life pass you by. “Making Life Fun” is a product of funny and cute photo’s taken while enjoying life. The photo’s were taken on many vacations I have had with my husband and pet. We have traveled throughout the United States on the motorcycle, convertible or in the jeep. Taking pictures documents our trips and how much fun we had.

As we get older, we realized life is too short to sit back and watch it go by. That is the reason for creating “Making Life Fun” products so everyone will “Make Life Fun” in some way unique to them.

“Making Life Fun” does not have to be traveling all over the world or winning the lottery even thou that would be great, this concept is to help people think how they can make their lives memorable and take action.

Here are some examples of “Making Life Fun”: Make something for someone from yarn, clothing or paint. Shoot funny entertaining pictures around the neighborhood or town. Have a get-together with family or friends, Volunteer at places. A person may have better examples or ideas than what has been listed here, but this is a start to helping everyone think of ways to “Making Life Fun”. I believe making this product will make everyone a little happier, smile more and enjoy life.

I would to Thank Don Amos a teacher I had at Pellissippi State Technical College for having an assignment to create a product which made me think of this concept, I would also like to Thank my husband for taking me on these vacations and “Making Life Fun”.

Please visit my site Making Life Fun
Buy Jewerly, magnets & more from my shop.

Contact kimberlyrickman1@gmail.com for information regarding this website.


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